About us

ChromeXT is a gadget review and ranking site. Here we do all research across multiple e-commerce sites to provide you with the best option on one single page.

Finding the best gadget or appliance could be tough sometimes, or you had to give a lot of time doing research, so leave this on us.

We are a group of people working day and night to save your time to provide value for your money.

How we do research?

Our team regularly used to hunt for the new product in the market and remains updated with every new launch.

We go after all the top reviews and ratings across all e-commerce sites for a single product to list down.

We also follow some popular Youtuber across the globe to have the best overview of the product. Some of them are Technical Guruji and  Marques Brownlee.

Why did we start?

From Childhood, I am a Tech Gig. I always used to read about the latest tech news and gadgets.

Whenever any of my friends have to buy any gadgets, he always used to consult me. This remain continued even with my college friends.

So, I started a site with a few of my friends together.

What is our Future?

Shortly, we are coming with a few more interesting products to make your shopping experience easier.

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