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Best Geysers in India with Full Review and Price in 2021

Best Geysers in India with Full Review and Price in 2021

North part of  India is as cold as Southern Europe now because of Arctic winds. This is the main reason to an increase in demand for Best geyser/Water Heaters in India.

As winter comes, everyone starts looking for geysers or water heaters. While selecting  the best geyser in India we are bombard with an overwhelming number of questions, like which is the best geyser in India? The  factors which would be advisable for me to think about when buying a new geyser or water heater? There are several more queries that we haven’t referenced.

Don’t be intimidated! In this guide, we are giving the best geyser/ water heaters rank wise which are  available in India, including different models and types of geysers, from different brands and of course at a variety of price points.

We are giving  you a list of 10 best geysers in India for your home. The geysers have been reviewed according to customer ratings, therefore you need not to worry and waste your time in searching for the best geyser in India.

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List of Best Geyser in India

S.No Best Geyser Price
1 Bajaj New Shakti Storage Water Heater ₹ 7,499.00
2 AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 ₹ 8,895.00
3 Bajaj 15 L Storage Water Geyser ₹5,699
4 Crompton 15 L Storage Water Geyser) ₹6,440.00
5 Crompton Solarium Qube 15LTR Water Heater ₹ 6,799.00
6 AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 Storage Vertical Water Heater ₹ 6,215.00
7 Havells 3 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio 3L) ₹3,499.00
8 Crompton 3 L Instant Water Geyser ₹3,400.00
9 Racold 3 L Instant Water Geyser (ProntoNeo, Ivory) ₹3,800.00

And this is the list of top 9 geyser based  on Technical specifications, Capacity, Power consumption, Design and Compactness of the water heater, Quality of the components, Price, Warranty, User Reviews and Value for money.

9. Racold 3 L Instant Water Geyser (ProntoNeo, Ivory)


Price ₹3,800
Capacity 3 Litre
Power 3000 Watts
Rated Pressure 6 bar
EMI No cost EMI starting from ₹634/month

The Racold instant water heaters are no less remarkable. This water heater have all the features you’d expect in a premium water heater, alongside a classy Italian design.
Any water heater worth its salt needs to be able to resist a good amount of pressure. The Pronto Neo can resist upto 6 bars of pressure; so that, it can fit into high rise buildings with ease.
This geyser gives an auto cutoff function, with which it keeps track of the user’s desired temperature and keeps the heat from exceeding that temperature. It also provide a safety valve to stop the pressure from getting unbearably high. There’s no backflow of water in this geyser either, as the anti-siphoning system prevents it. This geyser also prevents dry heating and thus increases safety.
if we speak of heating element, this geyser also powerful and will heat the water in no time at all. If you are looking for a safe, sturdy and quick heating instant heater, then this is an excellent option. The design of this geyser itself is excellent in its own right. It’s influenced from Italian designs, so its something that can make your home look classy.
Lastly, you don't have to think about power consumption with this heater. This geyser uses PUF Insulation technology to retain internal heat and temperature, thus reducing the electricity bills.

Pros Cons
It gives high-pressure resistance. Mediocre after-sales service.
Beautiful design Doesn’t work well with showers.
Gives Quick heating
Thermostat and Cutoff
  • Racold 3 L Instant Water Geyser (ProntoNeo, Ivory) - Buy Now

8. Crompton 3 L Instant Water Geyser


Price ₹2,989
Capacity 3 Litre
Power 3000 Watts
Rated Pressure 6 bar
EMI No cost EMI starting from ₹499/month

Water heater of crompton doesn’t only produce high-quality storage water heaters, but It also give some of the best instant water heaters as well.

The Solarium is very well built, even from the inside. This water heater consists of a nano polymer tank, which is a very new kind of coating used in heaters. It’s effective and also keeps the insides rust-free. Besides, this water heater also have the quality glass-lining you’d expect from a geyser of good quality.

The performance of washer of this heater can not be bother by the Rust, as the outer body is of ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel, materials that rust can’t accumulate on. Hence, you don't have to worry about the maintenance costs.

One more thing about the use of these materials is that heat retention is improved, and this is because the instant heating works much faster. So, this water heater gives you good performance for a long time.

This water heater also gives security, which is the safety valve. If the pressure overshoots the pre-set limits in this geyser, it relieves the pressure and discharges water. The plug of the heater itself is fusable. Alongside, It also gives thermal indicators which inform the user when the water gets heated. You don't have to worry about overheating either, as the thermal cutout prevents the water from exceeding the set temperature.

And the heating of this water heater is quite fast as well. The capability of this water heater as an instant heater increases with the heating element made with high-quality copper coil, which transfers more heat and lasts a very long time.

Pros Cons
Rust-free and hygienic design. Overall design is a bit bland.
Protection from excess pressure. Doesn’t come with installation accessories..
Quick heating.
Thermal cutoff.
  • Crompton 3 L Instant Water Geyser - Buy Now

7. Havells 3 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio 3L)


Price ₹3,549
Capacity 3 Litre
Power 3000 Watts
Rated Pressure 6 bar
EMI No cost EMI starting from ₹592/month

Havells generally produce some of the best water heaters in India, both storage and instant ones. The Havells's Instanio is one of their most sold products, gaining appreciation from the public with its excellent feature set.

We can start with the durability of this water heater. The Instanio gives us a shockproof and rustproof ABS outer body, which makes this water heater incredibly durable on its own. Still, it also have an inner tank of stainless steel, so there’s no chance for rust to gather in there either.

Moving on, this water heater gives a lot of significant safeguarding features. For example, the power cord doesn’t catch fire easily. Thus, if there is any electrical malfunctions, no fires will spread. It can pick up to a bar pressure of 0.65 MPa, without issue, with the help of the safety valves. This water heater can easily fit into a high rise building.

Also, there are so many other little features which make the geyser easier to use. It has a thermostat, which is a very essential for any water heater. There’s even a thermal cutout which allow full control over the temperature. The single fashionably designed LED light alternates between colours to show if the water is hot or not.

Overall, this water heater is a perfect fit for the bathroom.

Pros Cons
Good safety features. Has 3000 watts of power consumption.
Ergonomic design.
Fast heating.
Easy to maintain.
  • Havells 3 L Instant Water Geyser (Instanio 3L) -Buy Now

6. AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 Storage  Vertical Water Heater


Price ₹ 6,500.00
Capacity 6 Litre
Power 3000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 bar
EMI EMI starts at ₹306. No Cost EMI available EMI

If you are having a small family and you are looking for a small but capable water heater, then this AO Smith 6 Litre Heater might be what you need.

First off, we will take a look at its powerful heating elements, which is one of its most significant plus points. The glass-coated element of this heater heats water effectively by fitting into the shape of the tank. So, alongwith the fast heating, you will also get that performance consist for a long time.

The anode rod of the heater works to prevent the tank and heating element from corroding. It gives you the best results by using a specialised alloy. Hence, the geyser will give you solid heating for a long time without falling to rust and corrosion.

The tank of this geyser itself is 23% stronger than regular stainless steel or copper tanks.This tank has two times more corrosion resistance than that of regular ones by using Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology,.

Alongwith all these precautions, This water heater is efficient to handle hard water, which common around most areas of India. This water heater have some more feature as this heater comes with a handy thermostat, which lets you get just the right amount of heat you need.

It doesn’t allow the heat rise above the set point. Even when it comes to energy efficiency this water heater is also superior. The PUF insulation helps in the same regard, helps in maximum energy savings.

Pros Cons
Excellent build quality. Installation has costs.
Suitable for hard water.
User friendly with thermostat and safety features.
  • AO Smith SGS-PLUS-006 Storage Vertical Water Heater -Buy Now

5. Crompton Solarium Qube 15LTR Water Heater


Price ₹ 7,037.00
Capacity 15 Litre
Power 3000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 bar
EMI EMI starts at ₹331. No Cost EMI available

This water heater from Crompton is very energy-efficient and available in multiple capacities, 15L, and 25L. Here we will talk about the model with capacity of 15L water heater, ideally suited for small families.

Crompton Solarium Qube storage water heaters are generally very famous for their remarkable performances, high energy-efficiency, alongwith it also comes with exciting features like a smart LED indicator.

These appliances comes with a superior 1200gm copper heating element which gives faster heating. This element has capacity to heat the water to 45 degrees within ten minutes.

Water heaters are a electricity consuming appliances, this Crompton Solarium Qube storage water heater comes with a 5-star rating implying that it is an energy-saving device. The smart design of this heater comes with a stand-by cut-off feature which reduces consumption of electricity considerably.

Procure to people who are living in high-rises is a critical issue for almost all water heaters. This water heater is an excellent appliance as it can resist water at extreme pressure.

This Solarium Qube water heater inbuilt with Advanced 3-level safety features. The feature like superior thermostat and cut-off mechanisms regulate water temperature and helps in avoiding overheating by switching off the heating element as the water reaches the desired temperature.

Crompton Solarium Qube comes with another exciting feature as it gives the durable body that offers high heat resistance because of its tough exteriors. The superior polymer coating that helps in preventing the tank from corrosion and rusting, thereby extending its overall lifetime.

The smart LED indicator is very innovative arrangement that indicates heating levels. It allows you to adjust the temperature levels between 25 and 75 degrees Celsius.

Pros Cons
Consumes less energy than many of its peers in its pricing range Consumers have complained of poor service from Crompton.
Unique design that gels with the modern bathroom décor
High-performance heating element
  • Crompton Solarium Qube 15LTR Water Heater -Buy Now

4. Crompton 15 L Storage Water Geyser


Price ₹6,350.00
Capacity 25 Litre
Power 2000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 bar
EMI No cost EMI starting from ₹992/month

Crompton is another very popular brand in the water heater space. Products of crompton have received a lot of public admiration. The Amica is one of them. It gives you some superb features with lasting durability.

This is a geyser that not only gets a 5-star rating from BEE but a 5-star performance rating from the customers as well. The performance of the heater is very good in every aspect, from heating and all the way to ease of use. Let’s take an detailed look at all these.

This water heater has heating element which is more powerful than standard ones. It is built with high-quality materials, and the water heats up faster than ever because of this copper heating element. So, this will give you the power savings, comfort and durability, but also maximum performance.

Moreover, this heater has large storage which is quite effective as well, as the tank can hold the water up without any risk of rust. With the help of polymer coating and poly bond technology on the tank, it gives excellent corrosion resistance.

It gives you the oxidation resistance, even in high temperature and pressure. There won’t be any rust growing outside either, as the metal body of this heater has a powder coating that serves as a skin.

Of course, the power this heater has comes you donot have to sacrifice to energy consumption. This heater generally reduces the amount it takes up through its standby cut off feature. As the cherry on the cake, this water heater also focused user safety measurement

The Amica generally consist of a high precision thermostat, a reset knob, and a pre-set thermal cutout. It also works well against unexpected power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

Pros Cons
Ideal for high-rise buildings. Mediocre after-sales service.
Dry heating protection.
Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Crompton 15 L Storage Water Geyser -Buy Now

3. Bajaj 15 L Storage Water Geyser


Price ₹5,699
Capacity 15 Litre
Power 2000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 bar
EMI No cost EMI starting from ₹950/month

Bajaj 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater is a delight for customers that will pamper you every day with hot water and a refreshing bath. It inbuilt with a PUF insulation which will keeps water in the tank hot for a considerable period of time and is very easy to install because of its vertical design.

The heater comes with he titanium armor technology which prevent it from rusting and overheating which provides safety and helps the product to function well for a long period of time. Also, it provides a longer durability.

The inner portion of the tank comes with a glass lining and the outer material of heater is made of plastic which helps to protect the product from corrosion and rust. Because of this the product last long.

Pros Cons
Robust and durable. Not suitable for large families.
Heat retention
Compact and elegant design
  • Bajaj 15 L Storage Water Geyser -Buy Now



Price ₹ 9,499.00
Capacity 25 Litre
Power 2000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 bar
EMI EMI starts at ₹447. No Cost EMI available

AO Smith is a very good-quality international water heater manufacturer. This SDS-Green Series model, is available in two sizes, 15L and 25L.

AO Smith water heaters are at the top of the heap, when it comes to saving electricity. One side it gives you the benefit of low electricity bills, and on the other side this geyser comes with excellent features.

The strong heavy gauge alloy steel tank of the heater is 25% stronger than other copper or standard stainless-steel tanks. The technology of Blue Diamond glass-lining makes the tank corrosion-resistant, thereby it increases the tank’s lifespan.

The tank has glass-coated fold-back heating element which fits perfectly into it and ensures uniform heating to ensure continuous availability of hot water.The anode rod of the heater is customised which allow it to works in different water conditions, thereby, protecting the tank and heating element from corrosion. This geyser provides a thermostat to help set hot water temperature.

Pros Cons
Excellent insulation enables the retention of the temperature of the water for extended periods Installation issues persist with the package not featuring the accessories necessary for installation
This water heater is very durable.
Energy-saving appliance
  • AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 -Buy Now

1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater


Price ₹ 7,245.00
Capacity 25 Litre
Power 2000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 bar
EMI EMI starts at ₹341. No Cost EMI available

When it comes to electronic appliances Bajaj has made a name for itself in India with its products of excellent quality. This 25 Litre water heater is one of them. It also comes with capacity of 10 and 15 Litres.

This Bajaj geyser is very versatile. It’s so compact that it fits into anywhere, and you donot have to sacrifice the capacity. It is sufficient to keep as much as 25 Litres of water. Because of its durability, you don’t have to comromise with its performance for keeping so much water either.

When we talk about its durability, let’s take a look at how well this heater holds up and how it deals with hazards. The inner tank of this water heater consist of formidable glass-lined coating and it reduces the chances of corrosion and rust, also makes it last far longer. In this heater the magnesium also increases the geyser’s protection against the corrosion, along with any leakage.

Pros Cons
Corrosion free. Product doesn’t come with installation accessories.
User friendly, with safety measures.
Can handle high pressures.
  • Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater -Buy Now

How To Choose A Geyser?

Let's talk a liitle bit about what you should look in your geyser based on your needs. There are some key factors you should consider when buying a geyser include:

Types of geysers

There are two main types of geysers:
Storage geysers: These geysers are the ones you will easily find in most Indian homes.As the name suggests, Storage geysers come with an insulated storage tank.

Instant geysers: Instant geysers do not store any water like storage geyser. It heats the water immediately as per demand by passing the water through the heating element.

Power source

Electric geysers are the most common types, alongwith the option of gas and solar geysers as well. Electric geysers is the perfect choice for households that need large storage type geysers.


The capacity of a geyser generally refer to the amount of water the heater can provide at a given time. In case of a storage tank geyser, it simply refers to the storage space in the tank, and in case of an instant geyser, it refers to the number of litres of hot water that the geyser produces a minute.