Last Updated : January 26, 2021

7 Best Tablet under 10000 with Calling Facility, 4 GB Ram and Sim Slot

7 Best Tablet under 10000 with Calling Facility, 4 GB Ram and Sim Slot

Finding the best budget tablet under 10000 rupees in India could be a little tough because not many companies are manufacturing it.

After the Pandemic, we have seen a great rise in tablet users mainly for online learning among students, media consumption, and for some basic multiple tasking work.

We have listed the top tablet under 10000 based on their specification, price, review, brand, and popularity.

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List of Best Tablet Under 10000 with Price in India

S.No Best Tablet Under 70000 Price Buying Link
1 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Rs 10,880 Buy Now
2 Panasonic Tab 8 HD Rs 9,999 Buy Now
3 Lenovo Tab M10 Rs 9,999 Buy Now
4 Lenovo Tab M8 (2nd Gen) Rs 9,942 Buy Now
5 Alcatel 3T10 with Speaker Rs 9,999 Buy Now
6 Alcatel TKEE Max Rs 8,698 Buy Now
7 Alcatel 3T8 Rs 8,999 Buy Now

It is not necessary that tablet listed at number one is better than all other. All tablet listed are better as per your needs, budget and use cases.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

samsung galaxy tab a 8.0


  • 2GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 512GB
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G (1 sim card)
  • 2MP Front and 8MP Back Camera
  • 5100 mah
  • 8 inch
  • Android Pie v9
  • 2 GHz Qualcomm processor

It comes in two variant one with wifi only which cost 8000 rupees and other with both wifi and sim, which cost 11000 rupees, but under some deal or prime membership in amazon, you can get it around 10000.

It is one of the most used tablets by students and a good rating on all e-commerce sites.

You can go for it, as it is a good budget tablet in this range.

Pros Cons
Trusted and Well-known Brand Screen not HD
Good for surfing/video/reading/online classes etc Sometimes touch not working properly (not all times)
Not good for gamers
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2. Panasonic Tab 8 HD

panasonic tab 8 HD


  • 3GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 512GB
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE (2 sim card)
  • 5MP Front and 8MP Back Camera with LED Flash
  • 5100 mah
  • 8 inch
  • Android Pie v9
  • Mediatek 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor

It is the only Tablet available with a dual sim card from a good brand in this range. If you are using multiple sim cards then you can go for it.

You can find some lagging in touch, as it is not so smooth as mobile. It can be good for taking online classes, reading notes in pdf, and media consumption, where a lot of touch work is not involved.

Pros Cons
The battery is long-lasting Touch quality is a little bit disappointing
The camera is okay for a tablet Not good for gamers
Panasonic earphones included in the box
User Interface is 99% stock android
Doesn't heat up, even after extensive use
It's as handy as a kindle when it comes to reading e-books
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3. Lenovo Tab M10

lenovo tab m10


  • 2GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 256GB
  • GPRS, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • 2MP Front and 5MP Back Camera
  • 4850 mah
  • 10 inch
  • Android Pie v9
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 (Quad-Core)

With a 10- inch large screen, it is best for you if looking for a large screen tablet in this range.

But the sim slot is not available on these. It was build by keeping kids in mind to help them to attend their online classes.

With some options like face recognition and kids mode, this will be one of the best options available to attend online classes in this range.

Pros Cons
The screen size is 10 inches Will hang when you use it extensively
Visually pleasing Not satisfied with the Dolby sound
Responsive touch Not recommended for playing High-End Games
Regular updates No Sim Slot available
Face Recognition
Kids Mode
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4. Lenovo Tab M8 (2nd Gen)

lenovo tab m8 2nd gen


  • 2GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE (1 sim card)
  • 2MP Front and 8MP Back Camera
  • 5000 mah
  • 8 inch
  • Android Pie v9
  • 2.0 GHz MediaTek Helio A22 Tab quad-core

Another one from brand Lenovo, this too has great feedback as per the user, mainly suggested for some basic multiple tasking work and online learning.

Value for money with the good build quality, 4G sim slot, and good processing power making it a good option to buy in this range.

Pros Cons
Screen quality is good High-end Gaming is not at all recommended
The processor is also better than others
Good built quality and design
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5. Alcatel 3T10 with Speaker

 Alcatel 3T10 with Speaker


  • 2GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE (1 sim card)
  • 2MP Front and 2MP Back Camera
  • 4080 mah
  • 10 inch
  • Android Pie v9
  • MediaTek Quad-Core (MT8765B)

With a powerful speaker, good connectivity option, google assistance, face unlock, and 10-inch display makes it the best option for media consumption

Alcatel is a brand owned by Nokia, so product quality is also great.
The sim slot is is not available in this tablet.

Pros Cons
Comes with speaker High-end Gaming is not at all recommended
Good for Media Consumption The camera quality is not so good
Google Assistance Sim slot missing
Face Unlock
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6. Alcatel TKEE Max

Alcatel TKEE Max


  • 2GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • 2MP Front and 2MP Back Camera
  • 4080 mah
  • 10 inch
  • Android 10
  • MediaTek Quad-Core

It is built for kids. From hardware to software, everything is designed by keeping kids in mind.

Comes with many build-in apps for kids. Parental Controls, google assistance voice support, eye protection, etc make it an ideal option for kids in this range.

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7. Alcatel 3T8

Alcatel 3T8


  • 3GB Ram, 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE (1 sim card)
  • 5MP Front and 8MP Back Camera
  • 4080 mah
  • 8 inch
  • Android Oreo go edition
  • MediaTek  Quad-Core

Another one from Alcatel, this is also a good option in this range.

With a RAM of 3 GB , provides a smooth using experience. Good for media consumption , reading , surfing and online learning.

It also has latest android available with latest software updates and good battery backup.

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Best Tablet under 15000 with 4g Slot | Buying Guide in India [2021]
Tablets had been very popular when we had mini size smartphones like the iPhone4. Even at that time, a 5-inch screen was considered huge enough, especiallywith thick bezels on every side. Nowadays, there are so many smartphones like Samsung Note 20 Ultra, OnePlus 8Pro, that have screens bigger t…

How to Choose the Best Tablets Under 10000 Range?

Whether you want your work done or some entertainment on the go, tablets provides one great advantage: they're portable. Tablets are almost one third the weight of a standard laptop, so the physical strain of carrying a lightweight tablet is far less.

Meanwhile, the typical display size on a tablet is around 7-10 inches, because of that they easily fit into most backpacks, carry bags, or briefcases.

This is the reason tablets are a great asset for students, travelers, commuters and professionals who have to travel a lot on business.

In this Covid era when everyone is doing work from home and students are taking online classes , tablet is great as  it can get the internet anywhere. That is, as long as you get a 4G tablet.  You will not need your laptop around cafes and libraries hunting for free Wi-Fi. Just power up and get online.

These feature makes your tablets particularly handy for professionals. Whether you have to check emails, edit your documents on the cloud or you will keep yourself updated  with the latest news in your industry, a tablet can help you get it done easily anywhere.

Here you can  check what are the best features you will be getting in the tablet with the  range of Rs 10,000. It will help you  to  decide accordingly which tablet to buy. We are giving you option of  best 7 tablets but there are many other options available. So once you see this buying guide you can at least check and make sure whether the tablets you are looking for will fit your conditions or not.

So let's not  waste time and start with the features and the best you can get in this range.


Tablet is the best option you can use in your free time or rather, use it to binge watch your web series connected to the TV or maybe, scroll through your Facebook.

Its very hectic to always carry your killer laptop machine but you might need a device that’s much bigger than a smartphone. Before you compress your options, you should first consider the primary purpose of obtaining such a machine. For most of the people, it’s extremely lightweight which makes it effortless to carry and is certainly reliable.


Basically tablet screen sizes ranges from a maximum of 6 inches (on the low end), and up to a gignatic 18.4 inches screen size on the higher end. You can see that a majority of these tablets tend to be within the 7 to 10-inch range.

Tablets which is within a 10-inch range, offer an amazing balance between productivity and portability. The tablets are a bit challenging to use with a single hand but they are created to be both compact and lightweight.

Operating System

Tablets in range of 10000 comes with an android operating system. When it comes to Android tablets, users have a plenty of options to consider and this applies for both hardware and software.

Also, a most of the tablet producers want to personalize Android so that they can provide users the freedom to customize according to their requirements. Or maybe, even if they want to include some extra features so that they can create a unique value for their tablets and emerge from their rivals


Generally, all tablets are juggled with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and are appreciable enough to be employed in a zone that’s Wi-Fi-enabled.

Also tablets comes with cellular assistance which would allow users to insert in a SIM card andget for a good Internet service package.


Approx ten years ago from now, camera wasn’t an important priority for tablet producers. But now you can find the high-resolution cameras in the best 4g tablets under Rs.10,000 only. Things are getting advance and changing which means that the camera are being upgraded and enhanced as well.

If you want to buy a tablet taking good pictures and recording memories, then we advice you take a model which apply the best camera since tablets are typically a one-time investment only.


Tablets are best option for those who wanderer and visit a lot and you don't want to carry extra baggage like laptop .